Values + Business

In my experiences I have found the business space to be rather heartless and ruthless, lacking values and integrity, care for one another as human beings. Because I personally have values, I run my businesses from an ethical standpoint built from those values. It is almost as if, however, when you establish yourself as an existing business and try to get anywhere in that space, you have to accept notions and behave a certain way that contradict your values just so you can “make it.”

One notion I have heard often that comes from the business space is, in essence, “you may have to push people over in order to get where you want to be.” To me I find this mindset very obnoxious and idiotic. Does it feel right to push people over? Is that who you are and does it align with your values? You may have even started your own business because someone somewhere pushed you over so they could “get where they want to be.” What happened to you in the business space that did not feel right, that did not feel good?

If you are seeking grounded-ness and find yourself struggling with the demand to go against your values, it can be helpful to ask yourself who you are and why you started your entrepreneurial journey in the first place. This is a good way to redirect your focus towards your ‘why’ rather than what the world wants you to do. If you want to improve the lives of others, make an impact in your community, and even make this world a better place through your business, do not fall victim to the value stripping traps the business space constructs. It is not worth it for you and it does not make the business space a better place. Remembering who you are, why you started, and being aware of how you interact with others can be first steps to staying grounded and true to your values as a business owner.

What else can you do?

Mantras are always helpful when trying to stay grounded, in anything. You can say positive and encouraging words to yourself often, like:

“I have values as a human being, I care about the world and the people in it.”

“My company is built on my values and will always stay true to them, no matter what.”

Just because the business space says you have to be a certain way if you want to be successful does not mean you have to go along with a those ideas. If standing firm in your foundation and staying grounded in your values does not reap the monetary rewards that a lot of people may obtain when they do allow themselves to be stripped of their values, that is ok! I recognize that it is not easy to say it is ok, however, when you are able to stay grounded in your values your reward will be greater in the long run… and that reward will come to you! It has to! Simply because it aligns with the Universe! That energy is paying close attention to those who are authentic and genuine in the business space, those who are honest in their dealings with others, and those who are not willing to conform to a system that wants them to forget who they are and push people over.

In the business space, some may see monetary reward fast… but it does not mean it will last. — Camille Joyce

You have come a long way. You are here reading this for a reason. You have faced many challenges on your journey and I want to encourage you not to give up. Do not give up on yourself and your values just because it does not feel like you are making it anywhere right now with your business. Do not change who you are for others or for a space that is only temporal. Because of who you are and your values, at some point you will see that a power bigger than the business space will give you rewards that will last- rewards that will be greater than anything you could ever imagine!



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